Domaine de Flandry

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The Association founded by Jean-Yves BAREILLE, anxious to honor his memory and continue its action, has taken the necessary steps to save the castle.
This action is justified by the fact that our entire Limouxine Appellation needs a strong image and that this Château is the most representative of it.

It carries with it all the communication of our land and for this reason, the members of the Safeguarding Association and the Compagnons de Flandry,
all united in the same approach, ask you to join your will to theirs to make this magnificent challenge that is… the rebirth of the Château de Flandry

Built at the beginning of the 19th century by Louis Auguste Alexis Peyre, a politician appointed mayor of Limoux, it was then occupied by Oscar François Rougé. After him the castle will only be occupied periodically, because successive inhabitants complain of strange facts, poltergeists and luminous phenomena.

In 1985, Baron Pierre de Ginestous had it acquired by the Société des Producteurs de Blanquette, now called the Cooperative des Vignerons de Sieurs d’Arques.

The château is located in Limoux, a town known for the production of a famous sparkling wine, the blanquette de Limoux. Close to the city of Carcassonne, the Canal du Midi, and the abbey of Saint-Hilaire, the castle is ideally located.

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