Domaine de Baronarques

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Domaine de Baronarques is a very old estate, dating back at least to the 17th Century, when it was called Domaine de Lambert. At the time, the estate belonged to the Abbey of Saint-Polycarpe, a village near Limoux in the Aude department of Southern France.

Château Fontarèche

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Château Fontarèche A secular vineyardFontarèche, which takes its name from the Latin “fonte erecto” (the fountain that gushes), is one of the great historical wine estates of Languedoc. In the inventories of the archdiocese of Narbonne, we detect the presence of vines in Fontarèche from 1350. 9 generationsIn 1682, Château Fontarèche and its wine estate […]

Château du Grand Caumont

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Château du Grand Caumont On the soil of Corbières, the cultivation of the vine, major in the region, dates back to the 2nd century BC and has developed since Roman times. Located in the heart of the Corbières on the terroir of Lézignan Corbières, the Château du Grand Caumont is one of the largest estates […]

Château Grand Moulin

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Château Grand Moulin A breathtaking visual impression! In the heart of Lézignan-Corbières, discover a grandiose cellar, born from the marriage of wood, stone and stainless steel. The winemaking workshop is equipped with innovative and functional facilities: automated sorting table, battery of tapered stainless steel vats, etc. Adjoining the vinification cellar, there are the aging cellars […]

Château Etang des Colombes

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Château Etang des Colombes Located in the heart of the Corbières, Château Etang des Colombes produces AOP Corbières, Vin de Pays d’Oc and varietal wines. Located on a total area of ​​77 ha of vines, the estate has a clay-limestone, stony soil, the majority of the plots of which face south. We cultivate the traditional […]

Domaine Calmel & Joseph

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Domaine Calmel & Joseph Domaine Calmel & Joseph is an old Languedoc farmhouse which appears for the first time in a deed of ownership in the name of Noble Jehan de Calmès – Lord of Saint Jullia on July 26, 1577. The farmhouse will bear several names during its history such as Borde Neuve or […]

Château Haut Gléon

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Château Haut Gléon Inhabited at least since the 6th century, as evidenced by its chapel, Château Haut Gléon deploys its refined nobility from the green setting in the hollow of which it nestles to the aromatic scrolls of its wines. Its history marries that of Languedoc and represents what is most specific to it: the […]

Château de Lastours

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Château de Lastours A hotspot for wine tourism today, the immense territory of Lastours was already a land of stopover in the heart of the Corbières at the dawn of the first millennium. Garrisons were stationed there and a fortress watched over the rural roads joining the Domitian way. In order to welcome the traveler, […]

Château Saint-Estève

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Château Saint-Estève Château Saint-Estève, Cru Boutenac – AOP Corbières, covers 100 hectares, 50 of which are vines in Thézan des Corbières between Narbonne and Carcassonne on the Boutenac terroir. Located on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, surrounded by two protective hills belonging on one side to the Corbières massif, on the other to Mont […]

Château de Caraguilhes

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Château de Caraguilhes Caraguilhes was one of these areas and one of the most important. Ideally located on the Boutenac terroir, Caraguilhes covers an area of ​​600 hectares including a vineyard of more than 100 hectares in one piece, surrounded by 500 hectares of scrubland. The garrigue forms around the vineyard a grandiose and natural […]